Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thanksgiving in Napa with Dakota Trace

A special thanks to JD for letting Livvy and myself hijack her blog today. And for those of you who have followed my bitchy muse around from blog to blog, a huge thank you goes out to you.   I know Ms. Livvy can be a bit much… *glances around the room*  But don’t tell her I said this, but I can’t help but love her.  Without her to keep me on my toes, I wouldn’t be able to bring to life stories like Benevolent Master or any of my other works.  The woman may be nuttier than fruit cake, but she’s all mine….

“Then why haven’t you made my fudge, slave!”   *in stomps leather wearing dominatrix.  “All this crap could’ve been avoided if you made me my damned peanut butter bliss….”  

*chuckles*  But would you have shown up at each stop if I had? 

“I….”   *scowls* “You tricked me!”  

*grins* Maybe….

*toss pie tin on the ground*  “I ought to beat your ass, slave.  No author has ever been so damned manipulative…..” 

Poor Livvy. *rolls eyes, before picking up tin.  “Thank you for bringing the pan. Can’t make pumpkin pie without it.”  *tucks tin into bag*   “But honestly you shouldn’t be so pissy about me tricking you into coming along this week….”

*stomps foot*  “Writers don’t control muses, slave! I’m in charge here!”  

“So she’d like to think.” *sets down a huge plate of gooey chocolate chip cookies for JD*  “But in reality…it’s me who sits in the chair and types.  Not that she doesn’t play her part…” 

*reaches for flogger*  “Why I ought to….” 

“…tell the readers about the contest….of course, you can…” 

*steams*  “I’m not telling them shit about those signed books, flogger and swag.” *clenches flogger tightly*  “In fact, I’m keeping this flogger….”  

*leans against wall*  “Fine, keep it.  I have another.”  

*narrows eyes*  “But you said that this one was for….” 

“So I lied.  Would you have stolen it if I gave it to you…”


That’s what I thought. You always want what isn’t yours….such a naughty muse…” 

 *tosses flogger on the floor.* “We’ll just see who has the last laugh, slave!”   *stomps from room.*  

*leans down to pick up flogger*  “So there you have it.  How to manipulate and control an out of control muse…”  *smiles*  “Like I promised….I got the flogger back for the lucky winner. Remember all you have to do is enter today’s clue (pie tin) in the rafflecopter below to have a chance at winning the grand prize.   I’ll be drawing the winner on the 19th.  I’ll announce it on my author FB page.” 

*straightens*  “Also just an “FYI” for those looking to pick up a copy of Benevolent Master cheap.  Until release day (18th) Benevolent Master will be at the low price of $2.99.  That’s almost half off of the original price $4.99.  So if you’re interested…click HERE

Again a special thanks to JD, and be sure to stop over at A Little Bit of Naughty tomorrow for release day madness. I’ll be sharing not only my family’s pumpkin pie recipe, but my mom’s favorite peanut butter fudge recipe as well….and possibly a snippet or two from Benevolent Master.   

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