Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Kindle Giveaway and a sneak peek into Night Aberrations #2!

It's officially Summer and what better way is there to celebrate than a giveaway from some of the best and brightest authors of the Indie world? Slip on that bikini and let's get Summer started with some naughty Night Aberrations fun and a chance to win a Kindle Fire with the Rafflecopter at the bottom of the page!

Next month, I'm releasing book two of the Night Aberrations series, The Fire within the Night. Here's a sneak peek!

Available July 2013 - Mature 18+ for adult situations

Erin is the daughter of a god.
For any other orphaned as a small child, this would be welcome news.
For Erin, nothing could be worse.

Upon finding an ancient spellbook, Erin Doherty is sent spiraling into a realm that she never knew existed—a place where her father, the man who abandoned her, lives like a king, lording over all, and her brother, Soren Vidar, fights to free the worlds from his oppression.

Escorted by her brother’s oldest friend, Jakob Väsen, Erin is welcomed into the home of some of the fiercest warriors in Soren’s rebellion. She joins the males in their crusade to rid their lives of the tyranny that they have long been accustomed to, and in turn they vow to keep her from becoming another weapon in her father’s never-ending arsenal of magic wielders.

With an increasingly desperate need to avenge her father’s wicked deeds, and an overwhelming attraction to Jakob, Erin soon finds herself in immersed in a destiny unlike anything she could have ever imagined. Only time will tell what the outcome will be.

Excerpts to help heat up your Summer!

His hand snaked out to trace the line of my jaw. “You must stop this, Erin. Soren is my oldest acquaintance and you are his newly found sister. Do you not see how this could be potentially disastrous to our very long friendship?”
I feigned disappointment even though I knew he would know exactly what I was up to.
“Try all you like, temptress. You will not win this.”
Arching an eyebrow, I asked, “Is that a challenge?”

My eyes shot to his. He looked uncomfortable with what he’d said, as if he hadn’t meant to use such coarse language with me. However, I thought it extremely apropos. I wasn’t thinking of white picket fences and making love. I wanted hot, primal, unforgettable sex with Jakob. I wanted him to fuck me so good that it would make me want that white picket fence. 

“No.” He assured me, his fangs slurring the enunciation of his words. “Your brother is the only reason I am not tearing his mate’s clothes off your body and marking you as mine." He paused to trace my bottom lip with his thumb. “I have not been ‘pure’ for the last forty-five hundred years.”
I shivered under his touch. “Forty-five hundred.” I meant for it to come out as a question, but it was more like a statement of wonder. If he was that ancient, I had good faith that he would be somewhat of a sex-god and that only made me want him more.
His grip on my neck tightened as he tensed. “Erin, you need to go to your room—now. Before we do something that we regret.”

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