Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spotlight on Cyndi Harris and her new book, Hell Bound Angel


Hybrid demon, Lucien, never really had much to live for. Since birth, Lucien had been trained to believe that he was only good for one thing.


That was, until he gave it up. 

Being born and bred in Hell, he had nothing to look forward to but his dreams. There lied his ideal violet eyed woman, who performed anything his erotic mind could come up with. That was until his boss demands he goes to Earth to bring back a ruthless demon hell bent on destroying the world. Given only three days to complete the task, Lucien is sent back to Earth only to land smack dab in the middle of a battle between the very demon he is sent to drag back to Hell, and the woman he only thought existed in his dreams.

Athena, a Guardian Angel trained to be a Demon Assassin, wanted to kill Lucien the moment he ruined her shot at killing the ruthless demon she’d been tracking since the moment she’d been sent to Earth. The only thing that stopped her was the fact that Lucien had thrown himself in the way, taking a bullet that was meant for her. Not only saving her life, but leaving her totally and utterly confused.

As battle lines get drawn between Heaven and Hell, and passions run high between Lucien and Athena, will they find means to complete each task while fighting their undeniable lust for each other? Or will being together and losing everything mean more than anything else?

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“Morals don’t really apply on things like you.” She ground out, and he shot to his feet furiously and he almost got a bullet for his vast movement.
Bawling his fist at his side, he stared into her violet eyes. Rage filled his and she saw that she’d struck a nerve. For some reason he seemed to take offense every time she insulted the demon race. Wasn’t like a demon to care, they usually gleamed at the harsh words thrown their way.
“I’m not a thing.” He said through clenched teeth.
He’d gone through centuries of bashing and there was no way he was gonna stand for it right now. Glaring at her intently, he swallowed his fury and studied her instead. She was the exact replica of the girl he’d constantly dreamed of as of late and that was eerie to say the least. He had to find out who or what she was.

A mother of two, and author of too many haha. I love reading and writing Paranormal Romance. When I pick up a book that's published and see an idea I have started working on I smile because I know I'm in the right line of business. My goal is to tickle the fancy of all those who love to read, but most of all it's for me. I can't put a pen or laptop down because my brain is always brewing up a new character or scenario. So if you're like me and love to read and even write indulge into my world.

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