Saturday, December 29, 2012

Three months of insanity!

  Good grief! Has it really been that long since my last post? Time flies when you're stressed to the max, I guess! The last three months have been one of the most hectic, traumatizing, and completely exhausting times of my life. But you know what? It was so worth it!

This week, I released A Night of Wickedness, the first of the Wicked Ways Series and have to say that I am astounded by the response this release has had. A huge THANK YOU to the people who have bought it! I hope you enjoy reading it as much I did writing it!

  As always, I want to thank M-N Smith at Mary-Nancy's Eagle Eye Editing for the fabulous job she does shaping my novel into something worth reading. If you are looking for a quality editor, look no farther than M-N Smith. She's the best!

  Next up for me is The Fire Within the Night (Book Two of Night Aberrations Series)! It's projected to be released about March 15th. I'm super excited about the fabulous cover Once Upon a Time Covers made for this one! Check them out if you're looking for an affordable cover!

Psst...I'm giving away a $25 Kindle card, e-books, and other goodies at the two week long event that the Ebook Lovers Co-Op is having for Night Aberrations. Come by and join in the fun from January 15th - January 30th at and please share with your friends!

Okay, that's all I got for now! Expect another post VERY soon!

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