Saturday, September 29, 2012

Night Aberrations is Live!

  After two long years of writing (and avoiding writing), Night Aberrations is live on Amazon's Kindle! It was a long, stressful adventure, but also a very fulfilling one. I mean, how cool is it to see your own book on your Kindle.'s REALLY cool.
  As proud of myself as I am, I couldn't have accomplished this without a few very important people.
  First and foremost is my husband, Nels. He basically does everything else that has to be done, just so I can write. Without him, I'd have probably released N.A somewhere around 2016.
  Secondly, is the fabulous M-N Smith. She was absolutely instrumental in N.A's release. Her careful editing and formatting made N.A the book I always hoped it could be.
  Last, but certainly not least is Paragraphic Designs. I feel like I hit the book cover lottery with the cover she made for me. With a talent like hers, it's no wonder that's she's in such high demand.
  Thanks guys, for helping me make my dreams of becoming an author a reality.

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  1. Just glad I could help in some small way to make your dreams come true! You made mine when you asked me to edit for you! Hugs! JD so proud!