Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quotes of the month - September edition

Occasionally, the crazy people that I call family say things that are so funny or so inappropriate that we think they should be immortalized on the internet forever. The following are some of those treasures.

1. Robert: When y'all were in school did you ever learn about the Titantic?
    Me and Mom (in unison): No
    Ann: Did that even happen yet?

2. Me: But I don't want a dead husband!
    Hubby: You won't have a dead husband, I won't have dry rot.
     (For the record this was about painting the eaves)

3. Haley: I'm going to have a watermelon baby!
    Alabama: I'm going to eat your baby!

4. Jessy: (Yelling out the car window) Hey cows! Your poop is in our back yard!

 Man, I love these horrible people! :-)

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