Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Time is definitely not on my side

I thought about writing all day today. I just couldn't wait to get home. As soon as I walked upstairs to my bedroom I fired up my laptop to sit down for a serious session. And then, life happened. I got sidetracked. I don't know how I lost so much time between waiting next to the stove for pork chops and looking at a Oriental Trading magazine with the kids. Maybe I could have saved some time if I didn't wait next to the stove like a big dumb dog while my sister cooked, but I was starving and there were pork chops in the vicinity!
Now that epic dinner 3,679 is over, it's already after eight o'clock and I still have to take a shower and get rested for that hour and a half commute into the city bright and early. I feel super bummed when I don't get any work done, but I guess there's always tomorrow. C'est la vie

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My very first entry

  The last five and a half months have been a whirlwind. I've had to come out of my reclusive state and join society again. Being a recluse does have it's finer points, it's just not for everyone. Definitely not for me. Well, anymore that is.

  While I've never been very ambitious or tenacious of life, I don't want to limit myself to just a mundane experience on this planet. I want to do, at the least, one thing in this life that I've always wanted to do. Of course, my list of desired accomplishments is extensive... and at times ridiculous... and most of the entries are far-fetched at best.......

  OK.. So, maybe I haven't actually made said list yet, but I'm sure I'll get to it soon. Procrastination has always been my best (and worst) frenemy, so I'll take a leaf from Ben Franklin's book to live by as I write my own. His saying "You may delay, time will not" is really the truth. I should have realized this in my twenty's instead of my thirties, but there it is.

Here we go... 
                                              The List

1. Finish writing any one of the three books you've started.
2. _____________________________________________

To be continued....