Monday, June 8, 2015

Poet by Juli Valenti Cover Reveal!

A Redemption Reigns MC Novel #1

Poet Butler, the first female President of the outlaw motorcycle club, Hells Redemption, has one basic rule in life: Don’t date bikers, ever.

After she’s randomly jumped during a clubhouse party, she takes off to her house in the hills to avoid her men seeing the bruises she’s sporting. The one flaw in her plan is the man who found her and demands to come with her.

Titan Warren, the President of Bishops Reign, is an arrogant prick Poet can’t stand. He’s entitled, pushy, and attractive as hell, which only makes her to dislike him more.

Can Poet’s strength withstand bloodshed and conspiracy as the world she once knew falls apart? Or will she crumble under the pressure, and lose everything she’s ever known?

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Untouch Me Release Blitz

The truth always comes out, no matter how deep you try to bury it. Secrets never make their way to the grave.

Lilly Mayer has always lived a simple life. She’s loyal—maybe too loyal since faithfulness cost her the love of her life. Keeping Eden’s whereabouts a secret from everyone, including Vinny, has ripped away Lilly’s future.

Vincent “Zippo” Torino knows he’s a goddamn bastard. And he’s willing to use Lilly’s loyalty to Eden as his own escape from a hell he created. He doesn’t give a damn that he’s leaving the woman pregnant with his child behind—not when he has to protect his own destructive secret. And not when he’s sure she’s going to beat him to the punch and leave first.

As the dangers to the club escalate, nobody’s hearts—or lives—are safe.

The Past
By the time I get home, it’s almost noon. Mom’s gonna kill me. I promised her I’d be back by eight last night. I open the front door, and instantly, I know something is wrong. The house is too quiet. My mom always has the TV blaring the news first thing in the morning while she enjoys her coffee. The TV is off, blinds are drawn shut. “Mom?” I yell. I know I should have at least called or something, but I lost track of time. I was too wrapped up in being with Vinny.
My dad ended up moving up to Calgary, opened a law firm. My parents never got married; actually, I was a result of their one night stand. What can I say- my mom’s sort of a slut, but I don’t judge her. Hell, when my dad does end up visiting, which now that he moved away is maybe once a year if that, him and Mom always end up in bed together. It’s weird. I don’t know what to make of it really.
Mom walks slowly out of the kitchen, eyes red from crying. “What’s wrong?” I ask worriedly. Why is she crying? Is it because she was afraid something happened to me? I didn’t mean to upset her. I know I should have called, but I just wasn’t thinking. I smile on the inside, thinking about the taste of Vinny’s lips lingering on my own. That boy, he knows how to kiss—among other things.
“It’s Eden, honey,” she says quietly, surprising me. I was so sure I was about to get my ass chewed for staying out all night. “Come, let’s have a seat.” She takes my hand tenderly and pulls me into the living room to the couch. I tuck my feet underneath me after toeing off my shoes and wait for what she has to say. But she stares at me blankly, working over something in her head.
“What’s wrong with Eden?” I ask, snapping her out of her trance. Eden’s father is a piece of shit, and if there is bad news about Eden, I fear it’s something really, really bad. I’m scared something’s happened to my friend. I’m afraid her dad has done something to her.
“She left, honey. She took the bus out late last night,” she tells me gently, rubbing her fingers soothingly over my knuckles. I’m not sure if the gesture is to give her comfort or me.
I frown. “What? Why would she just leave? Did her mom go with her?” Why would one of my best friends just up and leave without so much as a goodbye. Eden and I tell each other everything- well, almost everything. I think about the fact that I’ve kept seeing Vinny a secret from her.
Mom chews on her bottom lip, as if wondering what to tell me. “Yes, she ran with her mother.” The way she says it, I know she’s keeping something from me. “We can’t tell anyone, not even the boys. No one can know. You have to promise me,” she says urgently. Her worried eyes are begging me to keep this secret.
“I don’t understand, Mom,” I tell her, confused. What’s changed? Last time I talked to Eden, she was excited, said she was ready to go all the way with her boyfriend Jasper. My mind shifts to Jasper. How’s he going to react when he realizes she’s gone? He’s always been so possessive when it comes to Eden.
“If William finds out where they are, he’ll kill them. Eden promised to keep in touch, but she begged me to make sure not one person knew anything about where she is or why, okay?” she says.
“Is she okay?” I ask, wanting to know how my friend is.
Mom shakes her head slightly. “I don’t know, baby. I don’t know,” she whispers. Mom wraps her arms around my shoulders and kisses me on the temple. “You smell like smoke. Go get in the shower, and I’ll fix us some breakfast.”
My mind is heavy with worry as I trudge to the bathroom for a shower. How in the hell am I going to keep my mouth shut when it comes to my friends? I picture Willy, Eden’s no good father in my head; he will kill them if he ever hears of this. Hell, he’d kill me if he thought I knew where they are. I have to keep this a secret—no one can know, not even Hilary, for now. 
Stripping down to my undies, I turn the faucet and wait for the water to warm. I watch as the water circles the drain, feeling like the water is my life as it washes away. Everything I have come to know has changed; life as I’ve known it is going to be much different without Eden. I can already feel the weight of her secret bearing down on my shoulders.

After spending years suffering abuse at the hands of her father and protecting her baby sister, Eden Blake takes a chance. She calls on the Angels Warriors MC asking for protection just months before her father is to be released from prison. She never expected that call would bring her face to face with her past.

Jasper ‘Angel’ Hughes, President of the Angels Warriors MC, battled his way to the top. He fought his way through hell, cleaning up the mess that was once Satan’s Law MC. Wanting to serve a better purpose in life he took on the role of child protector. Protecting them from their hellish lives and getting them away from their abusers. When he gets the call to protect Eden, the first girl he ever loved, he vows to win her back and never let her go again. 

But when a new secret comes to light that Eden was hiding, will they get their Happily Ever After?

Dawn Martens is a young, spunky Canadian Author, who is known for her best-selling “Renegade Sons MC” series that she co-authored with Author Emily Minton. But she started her journey co-authoring the series "Resisting Love" with Author Chantal Fernando.

Being a wife to Colin, and a mother to three beautiful little girls (Sarah (2007), Grace (2010), and Ava (2014)) hasn’t stopped this Canadian Firecracker from pursuing her dreams of becoming a writer! 

She has also co-authored The Love Song Series with her friend and fellow writer, Author Emily Minton; on top of serving as a mentor and support system for many Authors in the Indie community over the past few years. On top of that, she is also going to be working with two other authors on a few projects. Including a few solo projects.

Dawn’s number one passion in life is the written word, and she’s extremely thankful that she has to ability to share the ramblings from the characters inside of her head with the rest of the world!

She also may or may not have the hugest girl crush on Author Kristen Ashley, who is her personal idol and helped inspire Dawn in the beginning of her Indie career.

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DEFCON Darcy Blog Tour


 Fisher Stanton, Valley High School’s Nantucket wannabe, has a cheating girlfriend. When he hires Darcy Walker to chase her to a local club, in true Darcy fashion she stumbles upon a dead body. Thing is, this body has secrets...and Darcy’s mysterious friend, Jaws, and the reporter, Tito Westbrook, have a vested interest. Both enlist Darcy to find the person responsible who has eluded them for years, but Darcy doesn’t solve crimes for free anymore—especially where Jaws is concerned. Knowing Darcy’s Achilles heel, Jaws blackmails Darcy into working for him.
In a true test of wills, Darcy and Jaws battle head-to-head—Jaws needs Darcy to help him end a bitter grudge war; Darcy needs Jaws to divulge the mystery surrounding her mother’s death. Haunted by a past that shaped her present, Darcy will stop at nothing to get answers. Even if it means breaking the law and being disloyal to her new boyfriend, Dylan Taylor, in the process.
DEFCON DARCY gives Darcy’s demons a name and ties up loose ends that made Darcy into the verb that she is. What she thinks she knows as truth, isn’t. What she wishes wasn’t true…is.
The problem is, when your life goes DEFCON 1, not everyone lives to tell about it.

Defcon Darcy

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When you’re a verb, you don’t always plan your excursions; they just sort of happened. This was the first trip, I admit, that I had to plan. The time ticked at eight o’clock. Murphy and Marjorie had just pulled into the driveway from a trip to the library. To safeguard against getting busted, I clocked in with Murphy five minutes ago and told him I was with Dylan. I clocked in with Dylan and told him I was with Murphy. Wearing commando-black, my lucky hat, and Chuck’s, I quietly lifted my second story window and shimmied my way down the bare maple tree. Jogging to the entrance of BTCC, the air cut through me like a sharp knife on butter.
In the spirit of duplicity, the sky was two-faced tonight like the moon. The east was cloudy, the west a midnight blue with a blanket of stars. I jumped up and down as the chill settled into my muscles, and at fifteen minutes past eight, Vinnie’s pink VW Bug sputtered to a stop in front of the big buffalo sign I hid behind.
This was what I liked about the misfits—when you told them to masquerade as someone else or break into private property on the sly, there were no questions, only a “What time?”



Maybe I should have a sex change operation.
A sex change operation might be the answer to becoming anonymous again. Here lately, guys noticed me—a fact that not only befuddled me but the legitimately gorgeous girls of Valley High School. To my right, Ben Ryan acted as though he’d cuff my wrists and force a marriage proposal. To my left, Jagger Cane looked like he’d jump in my pants and teach me the ways of the world. I had no intention of losing my v-card anytime soon, and if I did? Well, that led to the third guy who made my love triangle an official square. It would be with my best friend who was now my official boyfriend. Yup, in a rare moment of insanity, I agreed to be the regular kissing partner of the hottest guy I’d ever met. And let me confess, there had been some great kissing. Total. Spiritual. Awakening. But I was truly out of my league because if the world thought Ben Ryan and Jagger Cane were naughty dream material, Dylan Taylor was the benchmark on things that would make your girl parts quiver.
Like I said. Too many guys.
For a girl who swore to her father she would remain a virgin for life.
      For a girl who swore to her father she would remain a virgin for life.
Why did I stay with Dylan? For one thing, he wasn’t a fastard—that’s Darcyspeak for guys who feed you a line of bull, only for you to find out they shovel the same crap to other unsuspecting girls. But with Dylan? Sigh. His words were genuine. He could kiss with the endurance of an Olympic athlete, and let’s face it, he was big, bad, and deadly—number one on my zombie apocalypse team if the world ever came to that. The problem was, love sucks. When you love someone, you should step aside and let that person evolve into what they were intended to be—their dreams should become yours. The challenge was to find that delicate balance of give and take where more often than not you were on the same page. All last semester, Dylan and I bickered because our relationship had failed to be symbiotic. Why? Because I couldn’t show him the real me—the me he would’ve rather cut off his right arm than rubberstamp the things I considered recreational. Why is it, you say, did I want this relationship anyway? A relationship I sometimes, eh, lied to keep copacetic? I’ll tell you why. Dylan’s body was nothing short of dirty poetry. 
Shoving that stuff down would be criminal. 
My name’s Darcy Walker, and I live in a suburb of Cincinnati called Valley, Ohio. Where some students were destined to be the leaders of tomorrow, some of us were your inspiration to try a little harder. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t take any of these guys seriously because I fell into this group and buried the competition. Some of us, no matter how hard we tried, were doomed to bring up the rear regardless of the assignment. We were the class clowns, the kids who stared out the windows, the note passers, and the ones not able to get our point across. People like me had a shelf life, and it ended senior year, diploma in hand…if we were lucky.